Hair Care

Before Installment 

 Hair must be co-washed in order to transform the hair from its raw state. It’s important to co-wash (washed with a moisturizing conditioner) 
BEFOREyou make any alterations to the hair (heat, color, perm, etc.). 

1. Co-Wash the Hair 
2. Rinse Thoroughly with cold water 
3. Add light oil like Argon oil 
4. Air Dry or use blow dryer with cold air.

*Use a heat protector when applying heat to prolong the quality of your hair

5. Use a weft seal to protect your investment. Weft sealing is when you apply a sealant to the weft to prevent shedding.

 Most sealants can be purchased in your local craft store and are used on fabrics to prevent fraying or they can be found at beauty supply stores.

1. Seal weft on one side 

2. Seal the weft on the other side (optional but recommended) 

3. Leave the weft to dry

Maintenance Instructions For All Virgin Hair Textures 

1. Shampoo and condition hair once a week. We recommend using brands like Herbal Essence Hello Hydration, Suave or the Organix brand.
2. Oil hair once a week, we recommend you use the Argon oil or a oil serum that is lightweight and non greasy (L’Oreal’s Lustrous oil serum) 
3. For wavy & Curly Hair you can use a bottled of distilled water to create a natural look 
4. For a “WET” look, mix a leave in conditioner and water inside a spray bottle 
5. Deep conditioner hair every 2-3 weeks, deep condition after washing to keep the hair soft and healthy. Let hair soak for a few hours before washing out. 

1.Comb or brush your hair from ends to root
2. Braid or twist your curly/wavy hair or wrap your straight hair to keep your hair tangle free